HMRC Enquiry Fee Protection

Get Crowner Taxwise - Protection from HMRC

Here at John Turner FCA we understand that tax is a little word with big implications. That is why we work hard to give you the best possible advice and strategies to make tax altogether less taxing. However, there is no absolute guarantee against HM Revenue & Customs selecting you for an enquiry.

HMRC are proactively targeting individuals and businesses using sophisticated software that has been specifically developed to search trends, indicators and behaviours and analyse in minutes. Data that doesn’t cross match can automatically initiate an Enquiry. This software combined with wider powers and increased targets means that your chances of being investigated are rising.

HMRC are closing the gap between the amount of tax it should and does collect. Make sure you are protected against an HMRC investigation by taking out Fee Protection.

The very thought of an HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) enquiry can be daunting but, in the event that you are chosen for investigation, we can help you at every step of the process.

As you will appreciate this all takes time and expense. All of which means that tax enquiry charges are an unavoidable addition to our regular service fees.

For extra peace of mind, to avoid potential unexpected expenses arising from a possible tax enquiry, we are very pleased to offer you a solution, our Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service.

If you have already signed up to this service you should have already received your renewal invoice for the forthcoming scheme year from 1st April 2017. If you are not already in the scheme, please consider this. Just as you take out policies to protect against the eventuality of a possible motoring accident or potential damage to the contents of your home or business, this service protects you from the costs that arise in dealing with your tax enquiry.  The number of HMRC enquiries increases year on year, as they aggressively pursue additional tax revenues with associated penalties and interest.

The two documents which should answer any questions you may have about our tax fee protection service and its benefits – a Croner Taxwise News Sheet and Key Information Sheet. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

As valued clients I strongly recommend that you take advantage of this service, if you have not done so already.

The fee payable for this vital cover is detailed on the Free Protection Reply Slip. To ensure cover for the scheme year from 01/04/2017 please send a cheque payable to “John Turner” or alternatively make direct payment into our bank account for the amount due before 01/04/2017. As soon as we receive your payment we shall send you a VAT invoice and put you on cover. If you are not sure which level of payment is applicable to you or your business, please call me to discuss.

I would kindly remind you that if you decide not to participate in this scheme you will be responsible for your own fees should such an enquiry occur.